December 13, 2022

We'll have openings for new students starting in the Fall of 2023, in two areas: (i) high-temperature ceramic-matrix composites and environmental barrier coatings, and (ii) dynamic mechanical behavior of metastable metal alloys. 

August 12, 2022

The Zok group traveled to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for a Gordon Research Conference on Solid State Studies in Ceramics. A few students also attended the Gordon Research Seminar for graduate students the weekend before the conference. The whole week was filled with great networking and presentations by Frank and the students. See poster and presentation titles below. (pictured from left to right: Maddie McAllister, Victoria Christensen, Frank Zok, Scott Berens, Andy Ericks) 



July 19, 2022

Materials Ph.D. Student Lauren Poole was recognized with an APS Early Career Speaker Award for her presentation at the 2022 Biennial APS meeting on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter. The meeting was held in Anaheim, CA from July 10 to July 15. Lauren’s talk was entitled “Dynamic mechanical behavior of co-continuous metal composites". Lauren is a PhD student in Professor Frank Zok’s group. Her research was conducted within the Center for Research Excellence on Dynamically Deformed Solids. 

June 01, 2022

Our new article is featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society! The article responds to a longstanding need for identifying a reasonable number of silicate compositions that represent the wide variability in engine deposits arising from airborne siliceous debris (ashes, dusts, sands, etc.) in the atmosphere. Ph.D. Candidate Andy Ericks worked with Profs. Frank Zok, Carlos Levi, and David Poerschke to develop the machine learning-based protocol.

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