Zok group attends Gordon Research Conference

August 12, 2022

The Zok group traveled to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for a Gordon Research Conference on Solid State Studies in Ceramics. A few students also attended the Gordon Research Seminar for graduate students the weekend before the conference. The whole week was filled with great networking and presentations by Frank and the students. See poster and presentation titles below. (pictured from left to right: Maddie McAllister, Victoria Christensen, Frank Zok, Scott Berens, Andy Ericks) 



Gordon Research Seminar (Andy Ericks, Steven Rizzie, Scott Berens):

  • Invited talk by Andy Ericks: "Protocol for Selecting Exemplary Silicate Deposit Compositions for Evaluating Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings"
  • Poster by Steven Rizzie: "Methodology for Probing Oxidation and Volatilization of Bond Coats Beneath EBCs"

Gordon Research Conference (Frank Zok, Andy Ericks, Scott Berens, Maddie McAllister, and Victoria Christensen):

  • Invited talk by Frank Zok: "Tensile Response of SiC/SiC Composites: Fragmentation, Sliding, and Interface Degradation"
  • Poster by Andy Ericks: "Reactions of Rare Earth Hafnates and Zirconates with Silicate Melts of Different Basicity"
  • Poster by Scott Berens: "Molten Silicate Interactions with La2Hf2O7/m-HfO2 Composite"
  • Poster by Maddie McAllister: "Effects of Constituent Property Dispersions on Strength of Fiber-reinforced Composites"
  • Poster by Victoria Christensen: "Oxidation of SiC/BN/SiC Minicomposites in Dry and Wet Air"