Surface topography at various length scales of one face of a partially-processed 3D C/SiC composite. Such measurements are used to characterize in-plane weave variability in textile composites.

Fiber-reinforced ceramic composites are on the verge of revolutionizing energy and propulsion technologies. SiC/SiC composites will be flying in commercial aircraft engines within the next year and aggressive plans are being hatched by engine OEMs in the US and abroad to use these composites in turbine vanes and blades.

Compound cubic trusses

Inspired by the exquisite cellular assemblies found in Nature, we are pursuing strategies for the design of new synthetic ultra-lightweight structural materials with unprecedented property profiles, including high specific stiffness and strength as well as energy absorbing capabilities.

Design of improved ballistic protection systems can be aided significantly with computational simulations. Simulations allow for efficient scanning of a wide design space as well as a broad range of impact scenarios. They also allow assessment of the efficacy of multi-layered multi-material systems.