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Conference Paper
Freelon, B. et al. Electronic Structure of PrFeAsO1-delta: An Investigation Using X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRONGLY CORRELATED ELECTRON SYSTEMS (SCES 2010) (Ronning, F. & Batista, C.) 273, 012092 (2011).
Rotundu, C. R. et al. {Heat capacity of Ba1-xKxFe2As2. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRONGLY CORRELATED ELECTRON SYSTEMS (SCES 2010) (Ronning, F. & Batista, C.) 273, 012103 (2011).
Graf, M. J. et al. Magnetism and magnetic order in the pyrochlore iridates in the insulator-to-metal crossover region. 13TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MUON SPIN ROTATION, RELAXATION AND RESONANCE (Salman, Z., Amato, A., Luetkens, H. & Morenzoni, E.) 551, UNSP 012020 (2014).
Journal Article
Schmehr, J. L. & Wilson, S. D. Active Crystal Growth Techniques for Quantum Materials. ANNUAL REVIEW OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, VOL 47 47, 153-174 (2017).
Dally, R. L. et al. Amplitude mode in the planar triangular antiferromagnet Na0.9MnO2. Nature Communications 9, 2188 (2018).
Yao, M. et al. Anomalous CDW ground state in Cu2Se: A wave-like fluctuation of the dc I-V curve near 50 K. JOURNAL OF MATERIOMICS 3, 150-157 (2017).
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Ahadi, K. et al. Carrier density control of magnetism and Berry phases in doped EuTiO3. APL Materials 6, 056105 (2018).
Dhital, C. et al. Carrier localization and electronic phase separation in a doped spin-orbit-driven Mott phase in Sr-3(Ir1-xRux)(2)O-7. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5, 3377 (2014).
Chu, H. et al. A charge density wave-like instability in a doped spin-orbit-assisted weak Mott insulator. NATURE MATERIALS 16, 200-203 (2017).
Saparov, B. et al. Complex structures of different CaFe2As2 samples. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 4, 4120 (2014).
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Okada, Y. et al. Direct Observation of Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry on the Surface of a Magnetically Doped Topological Insulator. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 106, 206805 (2011).
Wang, Z. et al. Disorder induced power-law gaps in an insulator–metal Mott transition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018). doi:10.1073/pnas.1808056115
Hogan, T. et al. Disordered dimer state in electron-doped Sr3Ir2O7. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 94, 100401 (2016).
Hogan, T., Wang, X., Chu, H., Hsieh, D. & Wilson, S. D. Doping-driven structural distortion in the bilayer iridate (Sr(1-x)Lax)3Ir2O7. Phys. Rev. B 95, 174109 (2017).
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Wilson, S. D. et al. Evolution of low-energy spin dynamics in the electron-doped high-transition-temperature superconductor Pr0.88LaCe0.12CuO4-delta. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 74, 144514 (2006).
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Yao, M., Opeil, C., Wilson, S. & Zebarjadi, M. Experimental determination of phonon thermal conductivity and Lorenz ratio of single-crystal bismuth telluride. MRS Communications 1–6 (2017).