Relativistic correlated electron materials

The broader field of strongly correlated electron materials constitutes a rich regime of condensed matter physics where electrons, often through multiple degrees of freedom, strongly couple to one another resulting in novel collective behavior and, frequently, fundamentally different electronic ground states. Studying the interplay between these electronic degrees of freedom, in particular the coupling between charge and spin behaviors, often reveals fundamental insights into the mechanisms driving the formation of these novel ground states.   We are currently working to explore the evolution of electronic behavior in a series of correlated iridium oxide compounds as they are tuned across their respective phase diagrams via carrier doping and other perturbations. The existence of a number of interesting phenomena such as novel spin orbit Mott insulating states and new forms of topologically nontrivial electronic states can be probed in this manner.  Another interest of our group’s research is probing the influence of quantum critical fluctuations on the magnetic properties of materials in proximity to quantum critical points within their respective phase diagrams.