The evolving landscape for alloy design

TitleThe evolving landscape for alloy design
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPollock TM, Van der Ven A
JournalMRS Bulletin
Keywordsalloys, crystallographic structure, electronic structure, phase equilibria, simulation

The discovery, design, and development of new alloys have long been critical elements of advanced engineering systems. Challenged by their chemical and structural complexity, this design process is, however, often too slow. This article highlights progress in theory, computation, data, and advanced experimental techniques that are advancing our capabilities for rapid discovery and design of new multicomponent alloys. Applied across the length scales, these new capabilities support exploration across broad composition spaces; examples of new materials and associated advances in the understanding of underlying thermochemical and thermomechanical phenomena are presented. We highlight current challenges, gaps, and specific areas that, if further developed, could have future high payoff.