Magnesium Could Revolutionize Materials Science

May 20, 2010

Scientists believe that the chemical magnesium holds great promise for the future. Over the past few years, as people have begun waking up and realizing that they are harming the planet, much more emphasis has been placed on discovering alternative energy sources and materials. There are many goals in this effort, including reducing emissions from cars and industrial process, or lowering pollution levels associated with various industrial processes. Gas can also be saved by reducing the weight of a vehicle, and magnesium could theoretically help in all of these fields, LiveScience reports.The substance is also one of the most widely available metallic chemicals on the planet, and physicists and chemists alike want to tap into its potential. However, there are a host of issues that need to be resolved beforehand, such as for instance the fact that magnesium tends to burn at very high temperatures, producing bright white flames that can easily blind people staring directly into them. This ability has made the chemical a favorite of firework makers, and also of high school science professors, who use it for flashy experiments to attract children to this field.

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