Nanomechanics and Deformation Mechanisms

We seek to understand the governing mechanisms for deformation in unique nanostructures that can withstand stresses at the theoretical upper limit of strength.  Nanoscale synthesis creates small volumes of materials and provides the high materials quality that allow for these mechanically extreme environments.  We have developed experimental routes for measuring the mechanical response of individual crystalline and amorphous nanowires in situ.

Our vision is to exploit these novel mechanisms to facilitate homogenous plastic flow in amorphous solids and thus develop strategies for circumventing the poor damage tolerance that has long plagued glasses as well as new processing approaches outside of the realm of traditional thermal treatments.


Daniel S. Gianola

Nanomechanical behavior and deformation mechanisms in ultra-strong materials.

Hannah Howard

Linear defect phase transformations and their effect on mechanical properties.

Bailey Rhodes

Magnetostructural coupling effects for plastic deformation of magnetic materials.

Ashley Roach

Small scale mechanical testing and characterization of plastic deformation in metals.