March 02, 2018

The metal body of a smartphone is made of a crystalline material, which has a highly ordered arrangement of atoms. Dropping the phone on its metal back would, at worst, result in a dent. Further, because such crystalline materials have a clear order to disrupt, with potential weak points defined by “defects” in that order, it would be relatively easy to predict which atoms would change places, or become rearranged, to form the dent. 

Prof. Daniel S. Gianola
March 01, 2016

UCSB Materials welcomed new Associate Professor Daniel Gianola on November 1, 2015 to the Structural Materials research group. Prof. Gianola’s research interests span from the nanomechanical behavior of ultra-strong materials to the development of tunable energy conversion materials for applications in structural settings, micro- and nanoelectronics, robust thermal management, and waste heat collection.