Polymer thin-film transistor arrays patterned by stamping

TitlePolymer thin-film transistor arrays patterned by stamping
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsA. Salleo, W.S. Wong, M.L. Chabinyc, K.E. Paul, and R.A. Street
Date PublishedJUL
AbstractWe present a process to stamp semiconductor polymers suitable for the parallel fabrication of thin-film transistor island arrays. This process is compatible with roll-to-roll fabrication. When a chemically treated elastomeric stamp is pressed against a substrate previously coated with the polymer solution, a capillary force drives the polymer solution into the stamp recesses. Simultaneously., the raised features of the stamp in contact with the substrate absorb the solvent. The resulting polymer thin film reproduces the pattern of the raised features of the stamp. Features with lateral dimensions as small as 2 mu m are faithfully reproduced. We use this stamping process to fabricate arrays of polymer thin-film transistors (TFTs) using poly (fluorene-co-bithiophene) and poly(thiophene) semiconductors.