Force Calibration on a Folding Biomolecule

The annotated Matlab code supporting the simulations presented in D.R. Jacobson, and O.A. Saleh. "Magnetic tweezers force calibration for molecules that exhibit conformational switching." Review of Scientific Instruments 87 (2016): 094302, can be found by using the link below:

Simulation Code

GPU Tracking

The code for GPU-based particle tracking described in the article B.M. Lansdorp, S.J. Tabrizi, A. Dittmore, and O.A. Saleh. "A high-speed magnetic tweezer beyond 10,000 frames per second." Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (2013): 044301, can be found by using the links below:

V4: 64 bit version, properly compiled
V3: 64 bit version
V2: Fixed discretization error in lateral tracking
V1: Initial release